Restaurants in Brussels

There are several restaurants in Brussels that provide high quality services and have modern amenities.  Brussels offer the best restaurants making it an exclusive place to go and spend your holiday in. Most of these restaurants offer a variety of cuisines; so no matter your taste in terms of food; you will get it here in Brussels. The only trick you have to do is to book in advance because this will save you some few cents. Below is a list of some of the best restaurants in Brussels that are recommended for anyone visiting Brussels.

Comme Chez Soi
This restaurant is decorated in époque style. Some of the specialties in this restaurant include fillets of sole served with a mousseline of Riesling, prawn, apricot and crunchy pistachios. Comme Chez Soi restaurant is closed all day in Sunday and Monday and on Wednesday lunchtime. It is highly recommended that you book in advance if you want to have your meals in this restaurant.

De Bijgaarden
This restaurant is situated some 20 minute drive from central Brussels. De Bijgaarden is the home of Chef Olivier Schlissinger. This is one of the restaurants in Brussels, which receives large numbers of visitors all year round because of its delicacies. Some of the specialties in this restaurant include duck and goose foie, oyster with champagne. This restaurant is closed on all Saturdays during lunchtime and on Sunday and throughout the month of August.

La Truffe Noire
It is located near the Avenue Louise in Central Brussels and the Italian chef Luigi Ciciriello is happy about his truffles that are used in almost every dish at this restaurant.  What make the restaurant an excellent place to be are its rich wood and the warm gentle tones that provide a conducive environment. During lunchtime, you can have some business menus for private lounges, are normally served on the first floor, and is capable of feeding up to 20 guests. This is one restaurant that you do not afford to miss if you are visiting Brussels, because if you do miss you will blame yourself once you know of what it has for its guests.

La Villa Lorraine
It is located at the Uccle district that is on the edge of the Bois de la Cambre and is a smart restaurant with white tablecloths. It has numerous private rooms making it ideal for business lunches and banquets.