Brussels sight seeing

Every city has its particular attractions to its visitors. When it comes to the city of Brussels, there is much more that this marvelous city has to offer that you can hardly pin it down to a particular reason. Here are some of the famed places of interest that a tourist should not leave out on their trip to Brussels.

One of the major attractions of Brussels is the chocolatiers found in the city. They have existed in the city for the last ninety years. It is a must visit for those with a sweet tooth. Every chocolate is an art form and you would find yourself simply admiring the several delights that can be found here. Just like some other cities Brussels has structures that allow one to view the other surrounding scenery from a great height. Brussels claims to have the strangest buildings.

The Atomium is a structure made from nine different spheres and it gives quite an extraordinary experience when it comes to taking pictures of the dazzling city. The unusual structure demonstrates a modern appearance that you would not know is over half a century old. All the way to the top is 330 feet, which you can climb to realize the splendor of the design.

If you are into a more traditional taste then the Grande Place is a place worth visiting. It is a thriving market with many things to amaze and enchant its visitors. Most of the buildings are some centuries old and it is a contrast to the modern occasional activities that are carried out in there. One of the events occurs every two years at the square where an enormous carpet of flowers are laid out for everybody to see. If you can, plan your trip to coincide with the event so that you can get a chance to witness it. Do not forget to take your camera to get a great short of this spectacular event.

Another quite interesting place to visit is the Mannekin Pis. It is a popular statue for those with a great sense of humor that depicts a little boy urinating. The naughty statue is located a few meters away from the Grande Place and you can easily take a detour on your sight seeing to pay the little boy a visit but be careful he is very cheeky.