Accommodation in Brussels

During your stay in Brussels, you will have a variety of accommodation to choose from including hotels and apartments. The kind of place that you stay in will be determined by how much you are willing to spend and whether you want accommodation within the city itself or the vicinity.

There are some 2 star hotels that you can stay at in this city if you are on a budget tour. These hotels include Hotel The Moon, Frederiksborg, La Chantecler Hotel, La Madeleine Hotel, Saint Nicolas Hotel, Albert, Derby, Auberg Autrichienne, Les Bluets, Manhattan, Opera, Sun Hotel, Saint Nicolas, and the Residence Galia. A majority of these hotels are located at the city center and the Grand Place are easy to locate.

If you are a luxury traveler and wish to have more amenities during your stay you can choose out some of the tree star hotels as mentioned below. The hotels are NH Grand Place Arenberg, Floris Arlequin Grand Place, Queen Anne Hotel, Louise Hotel, Hotel BLOOM, Comfort Hotel Art Siru, Aris Grand Place Hotel Brussels, Van Belle Hotel, Astrid Centre Hotel and the Hotel Scandinavia.

To experience some more luxury during your stay, you can try some of the 4 star hotels in Brussels that include the Best Western County House Hotel, Carrefour De L’ Europe, Chelton Hotel, Gresham Belson Brussels, Hotel Le Dome, Park Hotel Brussels, Sodehotel La Woluwe, Bedford, Belson, Atlas, Astoria, Arenberg, Alfa Sablon, Alfa Louise, Cascade, Clubhouse, Brussels Hotel, Diplomat, Dome, Dorint Hotel, Manos Premier and the Le Dixseptieme.

To get superior type of service and amenities, you can stay at the various 5 star hotels that are available in the city. Some of the 5 star hotels in this Belgian city include the Le Meridian Brussels, Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Renaissance Brussels Hotel, Metropole Hotel, Royal Windsor Hotel Grand’ Place, Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel, Hilton Brussels, Bristol Stephanie, Stanhope Hotel and the Hotel Amigo-Rocco Forte Collection.

The reservations for these hotels can be made online before your trip to Brussels to ensure that you do not miss out on a room. If you do not like staying at hotels, you can rent an apartment or stay at a bed and breakfast that is near the city. Some of the most popular apartments and bed and breakfasts that you can stay at during your stay in Brussels include the Grand Palace, La Maison de Margot and the Brussels-at-heart that is located in the City Centre.