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4 Star Hotels in Brussels

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Brussels is known to be the biggest urban area in the Belgium neighborhood. The place comprises of a total of 19 municipalities in which the city of Brussels is comprised of. It initially began as a tenth century town which was founded by one of the descendants of Charlemagne. It has now grown to metropolis that has more than a million dwellers. This particular neighborhood has a total of 1.8 million people making Belgium be the largest. Ever since the Second World War, Brussels has grown to be the main center of politics internationally. Today, most of the inhabitants of Brussels are French speakers, hence a French neighborhood. Here is the list of 4 Star Hotels in Brussels:

Thon Residence Parnasse Hotel
The Thon Residence Parnasse Hotel in Brussels is one well known hotel for its high class services. The hotel has been rated 4 stars and is situated at the center of the city. In fact, it is easily spotted from the city business center and the shopping areas. The rooms have been designed with a perfect modern out look. The rooms are spacious and well ventilated. Each of the rooms has been well equipped with essential plus luxurious facilities. Some of the facilities include: an equipped kitchen together with an attractive living room. Alongside the simple breathtaking facilities is a cosy seating pavilion together with a lounge for the guests to relax while taking a glass of champagne. Free wi-fi is also included. Room pricing ranges from 63 Euros.

Bedford Hotel and Congress Center
The Bedord hotel is superb for its perfect services hence rated 4 stars. The hotel has been rightfully placed at an ideal location. Actually, the hotel is situated at the center of the city hence easily traced. The hotel rooms have been perfectly equipped with free wi-fi access together with exotic private bathrooms. All the modern rooms are spacious ands features with all the essential equipment. Bedford is an ideal hotel to take a retreat or relax for a while. The hotel also has a restaurant that offers perfect tasty cuisine. All the hotel guests can make a take a meal choice from an international buffet to private meal services. Room pricing ranges from 44 Euros.

Best Western Hotel Royal Center
The Best Western Hotel is one of Brussels’ well known top class 4 star hotels. It is featured by exotic cosy rooms that are both spacious and fully equipped. The hotel has an incredible location that is at the heart of the great city. The hotel is very superior and in fact warm in the way it welcomes all its in coming guests. Free wi-fi is one of the facilities that can not lack to be present. The rooms are very comfortable, accompanied by a spacious bathroom that is private for each and every guest. Each room has coffee and tea making equipment and other exciting surprises for all the hotel guests. Room pricing ranges from 63 Euros.

Radison BLU EU Hotel
The Radison BLU Hotel is a great 4 star hotel in Brussels. The hotel is newer brand and has been designed in the modern way. The Radison Blu hotel is one of the best hotels that offer excellent facilities together with world class services. The hotel has an ideal location whereby it is situated near the EU quarter. There are numerous benefits of being a guest at the Radison hotel. Having an access to the fitness center is one of the free facilities that are offered to all the incoming guests. There is also free wi-fi internet whereby all guests are free to communicate with their loved ones. Room pricing ranges from 59.34 Euros.

Hotel Bristol Stephanie
The Bristol is a popular 4 star hotel in the city of Brussels. It is finely located in one of the most prestigious areas of the city. The exotic hotel offers enough room for a accommodation of thousands of guests. In fact, it has a total of 142 guest rooms, a great indication of how large the hotel is. Its rooms are well known to be the most spacious among all the big hotels in Brussels. The interiors have been excellently done with incredible artistic designs. Each of the conference rooms is greatly spacious accommodating a capacity of 350 heads. There are various categories of room. They include: Superior room, special promotion, classic room, romantic escape and luxury escape. Room pricing ranges from59. 34 Euros.