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Overview of Brussels

Monday, August 31st, 2009

3295087721_72e81b42f7This is a Belgian city that is rich in culture and history that is evident from the medieval and new buildings to the amazing galleries and museums. It is well connected with main roads and thus it makes it very easy to get around by bus, on foot or it is well connected with train.  The areas that are outside the city can be reached using the subway. The city is composed of many modern buildings that were founded by great architecture, fine cafes and paved streets.

Brussels was colony of many nations including Germany, Spain and the Romans. This history has contributed to its status as a community for various lobbying groups, diplomats and politicians from the European Union.  One of the languages which are used in Brussels includes French with a Dutch influence in the southern area of the city. The residents of this city are relatively conservative when it comes to politics and religion and they tend to have very strong family ties. A majority of them follow the Roman Catholic faith and even though church attendance has gradually declined over the decades, religion still plays a big part in the lives of many residents.

The city of Brussels is credited with the origin of oil painting in the 15th century and most of the masterpieces have originated from the country. The last century has witnessed an increase in Art Nouveau designs that was a break from the conservative classical that were predominant in the 19th century.

The Grand Place in Brussels is considered as one of the most striking town squares in the continent. This square plays host to a flower market each day, regular musical performances and on Sunday mornings there is a bird market. Many writers like Baudelaire and Victor Hugo who were amazed by its beauty have mentioned the square in their works. It is one of the main attractions that tourists around the globe come to see when they were in Belgium.

The cuisine in Brussels is praised all over the continent and some people consider it to be one of the best after French cuisine. The recipes often combine German and French styles and include seafood and meat as the key raw ingredients. This city is also home to the popular fries and potato chips and during your stay you will be able to sample a variety of them. The country’s chocolates, beer and mussels are also favorite of visitors.